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Technyl® eXten PA6.10 - Bio-Sourced Polyamide Alternative

Producer: Solvay
Polymer type PA 6.10

Technyl® eXten is Rhodia’s organically sourced range of polyamides offering a reduced environmental impact to comply with today’s more stringent sustainable development criteria.

General info

Manufacturers are seeking to respond to increased consumer and regulatory demand for greener products.

Relying on its expertise in polymer chemistry and plastic formulation, Rhodia has created a breakthrough product with Technyl® eXten, offering the following advantages:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
  • Outstanding behaviour in both injection and extrusion processes
  • Extended life cycle
  • Recycling
  • Cost-effectiveness

Technyl® eXten PA6.10 is an extremely interesting alternative to polyamides with a longer carbon chain (like PA12) thanks to its very interesting properties:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance to salts (ZnCl2)
  • Excellent barrier to gas (O2, CO2)
  • Very good barrier to fuel
  • Very good impact resistance at low temperature
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties


The current Technyl® eXten PA6.10 portfolio consists of:

  • Plasticised extrusion Technyl® eXten grades for applications such as flexible plastic pipes, hoses and tubes for brake and clutch systems, fuel lines.
  • Glass filled injection moulding Technyl® eXten grades for applications such as automotive fuel quick fit connectors.

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