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PA Technyl® One

Producer: Solvay
Polymer type PPA

Bridging the gap between PA66 and PPA. Technyl® One is a new polymer technology patented by Solvay offering high temperature performance while avoiding tool corrosion and increasing processing stability.

General info

TECHNYL® One  J 60X1 V30

TECHNYL® One  J 60X1 V30is an innovative halogen-free flame retardant polyamide challenging the limits of miniaturization for electrical protection devices. It offers excellent heat ageing stability in combination with outstanding flame resistance.

Main Technyl® One benefits:

  • Market-leading electrical performance 
  • Performance processing even at low temperatures 
  • Low corrosion for tools and injection equipment 

Technyl® One properties:

  • Yellow card available with the highest RTI rating at 150°C, at 0.4mm wall thickness
  • High fire rating class: UL94 at 0.4mm, 600V CTI, GWFI 960°C at 0.8mm
  • 30% higher dimensional stability than standard polyamide due to significantly enhanced moisture resistance 
  • Excellent surface aspect, even for 50% glass fiber reinforced materials
  • Specific color tailoring upon request 

Technyl® One typical applications 

Electrical protection devices requiring product miniaturization and multi-functionality such as: 

  • High-range miniature circuit breakers (MCB) 
  • Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB)
  • Contactors 


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