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Technyl RED

Producer: Solvay
Polymer type PPA

Material solution for thermally efficient engines. Technyl® RED is a new generation of PA66 that has been developed to resist the increasing continuous heat stress of new generation engines. 

Superior long-term heat performance up to 220°C.

General info

Polyamide Technyl® portfolio offers various solutions to thermally efficient engines: 

  • The established Technyl® HP range based on pure PA66 has been upgraded by Technyl® RED series, providing new solutions to OEMs to overcome the constraints related to engine downsizing, such as greatly increased temperatures and pressures. 
  • The “triple-six” PA66/6 based Technyl® RED A offers, next to a good heat ageing resistance comparable to Technyl® HP of 180°C (3000h) or 210°C (1000h) for long term heat exposure, high flowability and nice surface aspect, combined with excellent weld line strength.
  • The innovative Technyl® RED  X technology boosts the thermal ageing resistance and material strength of classical polyamide 6.6 by integrating a “smart molecule” providing a self-strengthening effect. This self-strengthening effect doesn’t require a specific activation temperature, but becomes effective already at rather low temperatures (e.g. 120 °C).

Technyl® RED – Recommended long term service temperature.Impact resistance for different high heat polymers

Main Technyl® RED benefits:

  • Outstanding heat ageing stability 
  • High flowability and low viscosity
  • Excellent surface aspect
  • Processing at mold temperatures below 100°C

Technyl® RED properties:

  • Excellent heat ageing resistance up to 220°C long term 
  • Tensile property gain of more than 50% due to heat induced self-strengthening at 220°C
  • Without decrease in elongation at break

Technyl® RED X - Properties are improving with heat ageing. Impact resistance for different high heat polymers

Typical Technyl®RED applications:

The Technyl® RED series is especially designed for injected parts exposed to continuous heat stress, such as:

  • Cylinder head covers
  • Air intake manifolds
  • Turbo air ducts
  • Air/Air Charge air coolers
  • Water/Air Charge air coolers



PA66 range with excellent thermal ageing resistance
  • Technyl®A 218HP V30 Black 21N (PA66 GF30)
  • Technyl®A 218HP V35 Black 21N (PA66 GF35)
  • Technyl®A 218HP V50 Black 21N (PA66 GF50)


PA66/6 range with superior thermal ageing resistance
  • Technyl® RED A 218HPS V35 black 21N (PA66+6 GF35)
  • Technyl® RED A 218HPS V50 black 21N (PA66+6 GF50)


Enhanced PA66 with exceptional thermal and mechanical properties
  • Technyl® RED X 218HP V35 black 21N (PA66 GF35)


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