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Styron and Resinex Partner to Serve European Electrical & Lighting Industry

Strategic partnership with Pan-European distributor Resinex reinforces Trinseo’s commitment to the E and L market. Horgen, Switzerland - May 31, 2011

Global materials company Trinseo and Pan-European distributor Resinex today announced a strategic partnership, generating a combination of excellence that will allow Trinseo and Resinex to meet basically all customer requirements of Electrical & Lighting (E&L) manufacturers. The leading Pan-European Distribution Group Resinex will add Trinseo’s proven product range for Electrical & Lighting applications (E&L) to its portfolio - including CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins.

A powerful partnership that fits the E&L market

As the Electrical & Lighting market is characterised by a variety of local regulations and standards, E&L manufacturers need focused and flexible suppliers offering customised solutions. By linking established resin technology to comprehensive sales, logistics and service infrastructure, Trinseo and Resinex can now meet the diverse demands of the E&L market.

This strategic partnership excels by combining the product offering with a dedicated commercial and technical support service to E&L customers. Through their premier commercial and technical service capabilities, backed-up by Trinseo’s product development and certification expertise, Resinex are excellently equipped to meet the needs of E&L manufacturers.

“We are excited to add Trinseo’s customised solutions to our strong product portfolio for the Electrical & Lighting market,” says Michele Kucera, Market Development Manager Electrical and Lighting for Resinex. “With a focused technical sales force and an R&D team dedicated to Electrical & Lighting applications, we are perfectly placed to meet the needs of a market demanding tailored solutions.”

Solutions for indoor and outdoor electrical applications

For the electrical market, the portfolio includes six tailored chlorine- and bromine-free CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resin grades. Two of these grades are completely new: EMERGE PC 8210 and EMERGE PC 8410 Advanced Resins. This comprehensive range of products is available in four RAL colours tailored to electrical applications. Upon request, all grades are available in customised colours and specific melt flow rates. For outdoor applications requiring weatherability, the entire portfolio is available with UV-resistant properties.

Since electrical applications are subject to demanding testing requirements, the CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins are designed to meet customers’ needs for impact resistance and flammability. They are specifically designed for electrical applications such as connecting devices for low-voltage circuits, enclosures for household installations, electrical switch gear, electricity meters and electronic housings.

An offering for fast developing lighting applications

With LED lighting being developed as the next mainstream lighting solution, luminaire manufacturers need new solutions that meet the key requirements of tomorrow’s lighting applications, such as high light transmission, the possibility to control and modify the bright LED lighting effects and design flexibility. These are exactly the sort of challenges that Trinseo and Resinex are taking on.

For the lighting market, the portfolio includes eight tailored chlorine- and bromine-free grades from the CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins, EMERGE™ Advanced Resins and TYRIL™ SAN Resins. Among them is the recently launched high-performance grade for LED lighting, CALIBRE 301-58 LT. All of Trinseo’s lighting products are available either pre-coloured or for use with a master batch for self-colouring. In addition, the products can be tailored to meet the light transmission effects of specific applications.

The portfolio of Trinseo grades offered by Resinex is tailored for applications such as diffusers and lenses, housing, emergency lights, explosion proof lights, reflectors and fixtures. Whatever the application, Trinseo’s resins offered by Resinex exhibit best-in-class thermal stability and have excellent optical clarity, impact resistance, dimensional stability as well as outstanding weatherability.

Aligned customisation with competitive lead times

As prompt development is a requirement for both the Electrical & Lighting market, the portfolio of CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins can be sampled, produced and shipped with competitive lead times. Moreover, a minimum order size as low as 5 tonnes is offered for customers.

“This strategic partnership is uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of customers demanding tailored solutions and shows our commitment to the Electrical & Lighting industry,” says Martin Whelan, Product Director Plastics at Trinseo. “We see this as a long-term commitment and will soon introduce additional products to reflect our commitment.”

The webinar taking place on Wed June 29, 2011, 10:30 – 11:30am CET to learn more about the customized services and products Resinex and Trinseo offer. See for more information or click the Trinseo logo at the top of this article to register for the webinar.

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