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Styron is Becoming Trinseo

While the company continues to do business as Trinseo until February 1, it is time to begin preparations and any system changes needed for the name change.

Trinseo name change may trigger the need for some system coding changes at your company, and may affect labels/packaging, safety data sheets, and other documentation that references specific legal entity names.

You can be reassured that we will still deliver the same products from the same plants, with support from the same people that you count on today.

What this change means for you, our customer:

Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets: Please be aware that product information – such as labels, packaging, literature, and Material Safety Data Sheets -- may change in appearance and/or may make reference to Trinseo for some time after the Trinseo name change is effective. Rest assured that these are the same products, produced at the same plants, with the same quality standards on which you have always relied.

What is NOT Changing:

  • Information such as business registration numbers, DUNS numbers, Tax ID numbers, VAT numbers, sales tax numbers, trade register numbers, bank account numbers, etc. are not changing. This is because Trinseo is not changing its legal entity structure or creating new legal entities; they are just renaming them.
  • Regulatory status of products is unchanged. REACH compliance and U.S. FDA Drug Master File numbers are unchanged. Syron is in the process of updating the filings and registrations with UL, TUV, U.S. FDA and other certifying organizations, and we do not expect any disruption to our business with you.
  • Existing contracts and agreements that reference Trinseo legal entities remain in full force before and after the name change, and will be fully honored under Trinseo. Changes to legal entity names within these documents will, in most cases, occur upon renewal only.

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